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Beyond the Code with Kamau Kamau & Ian Wright

Meet Kamau Kamau and Ian Wright, two Nairobi-based creative coders whose work bridges the gap between traditional African culture and the digital frontier of NFTs. A Creative Partnership Forms Kamau's first steps in crypto came as early as 2015, marked by lukewarm experiences throughout his initial years in...



Take a look back into a fiery past rife with family secrets, rich documentation, life and loss with ‘GENERATIVE SMOKE’ a generative art extension of ‘Where There’s Smoke’, an immersive storytelling project by Lance Weiler (aka culturehacker) that spans exhibitions, virtual experiences and live performances. In collaboration with LORDOF,...


Beyond the Code with Lionel Radisson

Journey through the fast-paced world we inhabit and explore the dynamic spaces we navigate daily through the code of Lionel Radisson also known as Makio135 in 'Faster Than Light’. Inspired by the constant motion and exploration inherent in our lives, each loop captures the essence of our perpetual journey...

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