To me, I think practicing/collecting generative art is fun because the artist has two sides of thing going 1. The technical side of coding. 2. The artistic skills or artistry as you want to see in “artist”, to create timeless beautiful art and trigger your senses etc.

First the technical side. Many gen art collections are as much technical achievement as artistic one, if not more. So, “great” gen artists usually are great technician/coder to start with. And to repeat the point from previous two articles, one thing that Sol collectors need to adapt and learn more is on the technical side of thing in gen art. Then you can identify which collection is technically great.

Second is on the artistic side. This is probably the thing that interests me more. I personally feel gen art scene has more great technician/coder than great “artist”. I usually notice great artists from the big picture by studying conceptual framework of their collection to the specifics but no less critical like observing the palettes that appears in the collection. This is more or less similar how I evaluate abstract art that I like.

So the short answer to the question posted above would be: great gen artists are those who can master both sides of technical skill and artistry. And at the big picture, same as other kinds of arts, I like artists who are experimenters and innovators, trying to push their genre/medium forward one way or the others while delivering beautiful art that resonates. Luckily there are many of these in gen art scene. And of course there are many nuances to this discussion. This is just a simplified version of what I have in mind. Let's continue the discussion next time.

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